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All the elements and little tricks you need to create a well balanced space, with artistic STATEMENTS that shake your SOUL.

  • Avoid Mistakes!

    5 key things every art collector should know (and the big mistakes you didn't know you were making)

  • Confidence

    How to incorporate the bold, vibrant artwork into your space that you absolutely adore, whatever your style is!

  • Daunting Empty Walls

    Those overwhelming walls are staring at you, aren't they? I'll help you get excited to begin!

  • Artwork Sizing Made Easy

    What interior designers know, that you MUST to know. In simple terms.

  • Hang Paintings Exactly Right

    SHOCKING ah-ha-moments found here. For instance, did you hang painting too high?

  • Harmonize Your Style

    Essential design rules to make it all come together.

This Art + Design Guide is so amazing because...

This guide is jam packed with my best tips and tricks. It's literally a GOLD MINE!

In just 5 steps you can resolve design challenges holding you back from surrounding yourself with the most expressive and soulful home your heart truly desires.  


Page 8 teaches you the right PLACEMENT for your art.  Find out the #1 MISTAKE homeowners just like you are making.  Here's a hint... that painting is hanging ENTIRELY TOO HIGH!

I typically offer this information in VIP consultations which start from $199, but for a limited time only, the guide is absolutely free - MY GIFT TO YOU! 


I'm passionate about sharing the essentials to making this happen...especially tapping into your intuitive superpowers!

"Your personality is all over your wardrobe, but is it up on your walls? I’m not talking about the mass-market posters, or broken-framed “abstracts” you found on a stoop, I am talking about art. Magnificently stunning, beautiful, soul-changing works of art that embody who you are: your taste, your look, your energy. Anyone can fall in love with a work of art and live with it every day, no matter your knowledge of art or your budget."

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Find out the 5 KEY SECRETS to make your home look so flawlessly pulled together, like you hired a designer ;)

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